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Eternity :: A Squinoa --Squall x Rinoa-- Community!

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Please join if you're a fan of Squall Leonhart and Rinoa Heartilly from the Final Fantasy VIII and love them as a couple! Feel free to join, as long as your a squallxrinoa fan and not willing to bash any other character or couple from the FFVIII series! Originally maintained by neveryouonlyme and ooo_shiney.

There's only a few rules..but please, pay attention to them!
(1) All fanfiction, large images, etc. must be placed under an LJ-CUT! Failing to do so will have your post be deleted by a moderator. By large images, I mean any bigger than 300x300 pixels, this also goes for any more than 3 small images.
(2) All hentai MUST be placed under an LJ-CUT, with a warning. Failure to do so gives the maintainer a right to ban you.
(3) Be respectful to other people's opinions! Don't start a war.
(4) Please try not to promote communities unless they're somehow related to either Squall, Rinoa, or Squall x Rinoa in some way.
(5) If you have any images, (this includes icons and banners) fanfics, or simply something to say that contains spoilers for the game, especially for the last two discs, place it under a cut.
(6) Other than that, be a Squinoa fan and have fun! ^__^;;

Maintained and moderated by: flamaeo

Affiliates: vincentxtifa / ff_eight / ff_men_awards