Kristine (ashes_and_wings) wrote in squallxrinoa,

Last call for "Where I Belong challenge"

This is officially the last call for all those taking part in the “Where I Belong” Challenge. We currently have over 100 entries in all mediums. (Fanfiction, Art, Graphic designs, video/audio, arts/crafts) Let's hit a record submission count today!

22.5 HOURS TO GET SUBMISSIONS IN! (We're going on Pacific Time) Remember to 'submit' your entries by letting us know at one of the following three places. It doesn't matter which one you use, you only need to do it once (like putting a YouTube video at either the ffnet or the LJ submission posts) All fanfictions are translated into Italian - mirror of master list (for all mediums) also hosted in Italy. Where I Belong Forum
Live Journal Submission Page
DeviantART group (art submissions via the site) 

Or check out the master list:

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