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Squall/Rinoa fanworks challenge invitation

Hello, fellow SquallxRinoa fans!

This is not really an advertisement, but more an invitation, to participate in a Squall/Rinoa fanworks challenge! Since all of us here are fans of this pairing (I think that's a safe assumption, at least!), I wanted to let everyone know about a way to share your love of this pairing with others.

Over the month of August (in honor of Squall's birthday, of course!), we invite any Squall/Rinoa fans, whether you are still active in the fandom or haven't really thought about them in years, to come back for just one month, be it with fanfic, fan art, amvs, crafts, anything! The guidelines are fairly simple, and revolve around one basic theme: celebrating the relationship between Rinoa and Squall.

Join/watch our lj comm, whereibelong823 for more information, and/or if you are interested in participating! More detailed guidelines are linked at the community, so please feel free to visit for more information. This really is just a very open online gathering of sorts. ashes_and_wings, the creator of the project, aptly describes this as a "family reunion," where all of us who have at any point loved this pairing can revisit both the characters, and the friendships we have made.

There are so many wonderful writers and artists out there who love this couple, and this is a great way to come together, meet new friends through this pairing, or reconnect with people you may not have seen in years.

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